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Term 2 - 2014

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Course Code Course Name
ACCT11057 Principles of Accounting
ACCT11059 Using Accounting for Decision Making
ACCT19060 Management Accounting
ACCT19061 Corporate Accounting
ACCT19062 Issues in Financial Reporting
ACCT19064 Auditing & Professional Practice
ACCT19082 Financial Accounting Theory
ACCT19083 Corporate Governance & Ethics
ACCT19084 Financial Accounting
ACCT20047 Strategic Cost Management
ACCT20051 Accounting Information for Decision Making
ACCT20052 Issues in Financial Accounting
ACCT20054 Advanced Corporate Accounting
ACCT29083 Theory of Accounting
AINV11001 Real World Investigation
AINV11002 Socio-technical Systems
AINV11003 Introduction to Investigative Methods
AINV12003 Accident Forensics
AINV12004 Investigation Domain Contexts
AINV12005 Safety Engineering
AINV13002 Human Factors Investigation
AINV13004 Learning From Failure
AINV13005 Accident Forensics Professional Practice
AINV13006 Crash Lab Project 2
AINV20003 Accident Forensics
AINV20005 Accident Analysis
AINV22001 Advanced Accident Investigation Contexts (Aviation)
AINV22002 Advanced Accident Investigation Contexts (Rail)
AINV22003 Advanced Accident Investigation Contexts (Road)
AINV22004 Advanced Accident Investigation Contexts (Industrial)
AINV23001 Accident Investigation Project Development
ALLH11004 Anatomy and Physiology for Health Professionals 2
ALLH12006 Evidenced Based Practice For Allied Health
ALLH12007 Research Methods for Therapy
AVAT11001 Aviation Theory I
AVAT12003 Aviation Theory III
AVAT12005 Aviation Flight Training
AVAT13005 Aviation Theory V
AVAT13006 Air Transportation
BIOH11005 Introductory Anatomy and Physiology
BIOH11006 Advanced Anatomy and Physiology
BIOH12008 Human Pathophysiology
BIOL11100 Functional Biology
BIOL11101 Field and Farm Ecology
BIOL12105 Scientific Experimentation
BIOL12107 Genomes, Genetics & Evolution
BIOL12108 Agricultural Value Chain Management
BIOL12109 Technology and Instrumentation
BIOL13031 Ecology: Theory and Application
BIOL13085 Professional Skills in Industry
BIOL40108 Introductory Biology
BLAR11043 Building Systems and Services 1
BLAR11045 Built Environment 1
BLAR11048 Construction 2
BLAR11049 Built Environment Communication and Skills
BLAR12036 Building Design 1
BLAR12054 Structural Design Processes
BLAR13035 Building Contract Administration
BLAR13037 Building Design 2
BLAR13040 Building Life Cycle Maintenance
BLAR13046 Built Environment 2
BLCN11033 Construction 1
BLCN12037 Construction Planning
BLCN14036 Construction Management 2
BLCN14039 Infrastructure Planning
BLCN14040 Construction Estimating
BLSV12024 Inspection Procedures
BLSV13021 Building Legislation 2
BLSV14014 Building Surveying Dissertation Plan
BLSV14015 Building Surveying Dissertation
BLSV14016 Fire Engineering and Performance
BMED19003 Clinical Biochemistry
BMED19005 Immunology
BMED19006 Nutrition in Practice
BMSC11002 Human Body Systems 2
BMSC11004 Introduction to Biochemistry
BMSC11005 Foundations of Biochemistry
BMSC12001 Histological and Cytological Techniques
BMSC12004 Immunohaematology
BMSC12005 Work Integrated Learning 2
BMSC12008 Advanced Respiratory Measurement
BMSC12009 Sleep Physiology and Measurement
BMSC13004 Advanced Histopathology
BMSC13006 Advanced Neurophysiological Measurement
BMSC19001 Advanced Work Integrated Learning
BOTN12010 Botany of Aquatic Environments
BUSN12001 Professional Experience
BUSN19021 Project
BUSN19027 Professional Placement 2
BUSN40004 International Internship for Professional Development
CHEM13032 Research Project
CHEM13080 Analytical Science
CHEM40079 Introductory Chemistry
CHIR11002 Introduction to Chiropractic Radiography
CHIR12002 Neuroanatomy and Systemic Pathology
CHIR12003 Low Back Presentations in Chiropractic Practice
CHIR13003 Integrated Clinical Skills
CHIR13004 Integrated Diagnosis and Management
COIS11011 Foundations of Business Computing
COIS12036 Human-Computer Interaction
COIS12073 Enterprise Systems
COIS13034 Information Systems Management
COIS13064 ICT Project Management
COIS20008 ICT Project Planning and Management
COIS20024 Systems Management Overview
COIS20025 Systems Development Overview
COIS20026 Database Development and Management
COIS20079 Research Methods
COIS23001 Network Security
COIT11134 Object Oriented Programming
COIT11222 Programming Fundamentals
COIT11223 Ethics and Social Issues
COIT11226 Systems Analysis
COIT11233 Information and Communication Technology Foundations
COIT11237 Database Design & Implementation
COIT12201 Electronic Crime and Digital Forensics
COIT12202 Network Security Concepts
COIT12203 Workflow Analysis & Modelling
COIT12204 Web Site Development
COIT13149 Special Topic B (Computing)
COIT13224 Internet Application Development
COIT13230 Application Development Project
COIT13232 Business Analysis Project
COIT13235 Enterprise Software Development
COIT13236 Network Security Project
COIT19211 Industry Placement A
COIT19212 Industry Placement B
COIT20226 Software Design and Implementation
COIT20227 Enterprise Computing
COIT20228 Information and Communications Technology Management
COIT20229 Networking with TCP/IP
COIT20230 Enterprise Resource Planning Concepts
COIT20231 Mobile Computing
COIT20233 Professional Skills for Information and Communication Technology
COIT20234 Advanced Network Security Project
COIT20235 Business Process Modelling
COIT20239 Advanced Business Analysis Project
COIT20240 Advanced Information Systems Project
COIT20241 User Interface Development
COIT20242 Web Services Technologies
COIT21003 Systems Theory
COIT23001 Object Oriented Development
COIT23004 Software Development Project
COIT29222 Programming Principles
COIT40206 Computing Skills for University
COMM11003 Communication in Professional Contexts
COMM11007 Media Writing
COMM11108 Communication and the Political Process
COMM12016 Media Industries
COMM12025 Organisational Communication
COMM13110 Communication Project A
COMM40054 Introduction to Creative Writing
CULT19015 Explorations in the Gothic
DGTL11001 Foundations of Animation
DGTL11003 Interaction Design
DGTL11004 Digital Design and Communication
DGTL12002 Working with Social Media
DGTL13002 Mobile Application Development
DGTL13003 Advanced Media Production
DGTL13004 Advanced 3D Animation and Character Development
DSMG20001 Disaster Preparation
DSMG20002 Contemporary Approaches in Prevention in Disaster Situations
ECON11026 Principles of Economics
ECON19031 Environmental Economics
ECON20023 Economics for Business
EDCU12014 Sustainable Communities (SOSE)
EDCU12037 Global Science
EDCU14019 English Curriculum and Pedagogy
EDCU19018 Teaching & Learning Religion in a Catholic School
EDCU40029 Numeracy Concepts And Applications
EDED10413 Outdoor Pursuits - Aquatics
EDED11399 Learning Management 4
EDED11405 Ensuring Student Success
EDED11455 Curriculum Foundations and Decision-Making
EDED11456 Communication in Educational Environments
EDED11457 Responding to Diversity and Inclusion
EDED20289 The Research Process
EDED20421 Specialist Educational Studies 1
EDED20423 Specialist Educational Studies 3
EDED20424 Implementing Practitioner Research
EDED20425 Communicating Practitioner Research
EDED20432 Applied Research
EDED20433 Transdisciplinary Research
EDED20434 Ethics and Colloquium
EDED20435 Research Scenarios
EDED20437 Social Research Methods
EDED20440 The Evaluative Framework
EDED20447 Media Relations in Arts Administration
EDED20457 Design of Pedagogy
EDED20459 Assessment & Reporting in Primary
EDED20466 Arts Administration Research
EDED20475 Advertising Design Communication
EDED20476 Applied Communication Arts
EDED20481 Conferences and Events
EDED20486 Assessment & Reporting in Secondary
EDED20487 Learning and Pedagogy in Secondary
EDED20488 Curriculum in Secondary
EDED20489 Numeracy
EDED21001 Creative Arts Administration
EDED21002 Creative Industries
EDED21010 Brand Image Design
EDED40351 Culture And Learning
EDEL20003 Global Learning Futures
EDEL20004 Digital Learning Design
EDEL20005 Online Collaboration for Learning
EDEL20006 Contemporary Design for Authentic e-Learning
EDFE11038 Professional Practice 1 - Introduction to Teaching
EDFE12036 Embedded Professional Learning 2 (Secondary)
EDFE12039 Embedded Professional Learning 2 (Primary/Early Childhood)
EDFE12041 Embedded Professional Learning 2 (VET)
EDFE13017 Embedded Professional Learning 3 (Primary/Early Childhood)
EDFE13027 Embedded Professional Learning 5 - Internship
EDFE13030 Embedded Professional Learning 3 (VET)
EDFE13031 Embedded Professional Learning 3 (Secondary)
EDFE14018 Embedded Professional Learning 4 (Primary/Early Childhood)
EDFE14019 Embedded Professional Learning 4 (Secondary)
EDFE20033 Graduate Internship
EDHE40005 Independent Learning
EDHE40006 Academic Communication
EDSE11006 Middle Phase Pedagogy
EDSE11022 Timber Technology and Design
EDSE12021 Middle Years Learning and Teaching
EDVT11019 Design in VET 1
EDVT11022 Textile Technology
ENAC12002 Steel and Concrete Design
ENAC12004 Computer Aided Drafting and Design (Civil)
ENAC12006 Road Engineering
ENAE12003 Control Technology
ENAE12004 Industrial Data Communications
ENAE12007 Electrical Power Systems
ENAE12015 Analogue Devices and Applications
ENAG11002 Energy & Electricity
ENAG11003 Engineering Materials
ENAG11007 Engineering Investigation and Analysis
ENAM12001 Bulk Handling Equipment
ENAM12003 Engineering Fluids
ENAM12004 Dynamics
ENAM12005 Thermal Energy Plant
ENAR11001 Resource Geology
ENAR11002 Mining and Metallurgy
ENAR12002 Structural Geology and Mineral Sampling
ENAR12003 Underground Mining
ENAR12005 Surveying and Mapping
ENAR12007 Drilling & Fragmentation
ENAR12008 Mineral Processing
ENAR12011 Coal Technology
ENAR12012 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
ENEC12008 Geotechnical Engineering
ENEC13010 Solid Mechanics
ENEC13013 Water and Environmental Design
ENEC14015 Traffic Engineering
ENEE12015 Electrical Power Engineering
ENEE13018 Analogue Electronics
ENEE13021 Power System Analysis and Design
ENEE14004 Electronic Communications
ENEE14006 Embedded Microcontrollers
ENEG11002 Engineering Skills 2
ENEG12005 Materials Science and Engineering
ENEG12006 Engineering Design & Management Implementation
ENEG14002 Engineering Project Implementation
ENEG14003 Engineering Project Planning
ENEG14005 Engineering Project Implementation
ENEM12006 Fluid Mechanics
ENEM13013 Mechanical Systems
ENEM13014 Thermodynamics
ENEM14012 Solid Mechanics and Computational Analysis.
ENEM14013 Engineering Plant Design
ENEP11007 Engineering Employment Preparation
ENEP11010 Industry Practice Review
ENEP12010 Industry Practice 2
ENEV20002 Waste Minimisation and Cleaner Production
ENEV20003 Applied and Industrial Water Management
ENEV21001 Global Water Systems 1
ENEV21004 Water Resources and Society
ENEV22006 Social and Economic Impact Assessment
ENMM20014 Maintenance Leadership
ENMM20017 Advanced Condition Monitoring
ENMM20020 Maintenance Materials Management
ENMM20023 Introduction to Asset and Maintenance Management
ENMM20024 Asset Management Systems
ENMM20029 Maintenance Organisation
ENMM29025 Maintenance Management Research Project A
ENMM29026 Maintenance Management Research Project B
ENPG21002 Advanced Power Plant
ENTC13011 Environmental Engineering
ENTG11001 Computer Aided Drafting
ENTG13001 Technology Project Implementation
ENTG13002 Technology Project Planning
ENVH12001 Food Safety
ENVH12003 Environmental Toxicology
ENVH13001 Environmental Health Practicum
ENVH13002 Environmental Health Risk Management
ENVR11012 Applications of Environmental Science
ESSC11002 Measurement and Evaluation in Health Science
ESSC11003 Skill Acquisition and Movement
ESSC12005 Applied Exercise and Sport Physiology
ESSC12006 Applied Exercise and Sport Management
ESSC12007 Applied Exercise and Sport Psychology
ESSC12008 Applied Exercise and Sport Biomechanics
ESSC13004 Advanced Applied Exercise and Sport Science B
ESSC13005 Advanced Clinical Exercise Science
EVST13015 Landscape Ecology & Management
EVST19007 Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
EVST19015 Australian Environmental History
EVST19022 Climate Change: Global Challenges and Opportunities
EVST20002 Land Management and Rehabilitation
EVST21019 Environmental Management Research Project B
FAHE11001 Managing E-Learning
FAHE13001 Professional Skills
FAHE13002 Special Project
FAHE13003 Special Topic
FAHE14001 Honours F/T Part A
FAHE14002 Honours F/T Part B
FAHE14003 Honours P/T Coursework A
FAHE14004 Honours P/T Coursework B
FAHE14005 Honours P/T Dissertation A
FAHE14006 Honours P/T Dissertation B
FINC11001 Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning
FINC19011 Business Finance
FINC19012 Investment Analysis and Risk Management
FINC19014 Property Investment and Finance
FINC19018 Estate and Succession Planning
FINC19019 Insurance Planning
FINC19020 Financial Plan Construction
FINC20006 Organisational Finance
FINC20007 Financial Market Analysis
FINC20009 Investments - Analysis and Management
FINC20011 Financial Planning Fundamentals
FINC29001 Advanced Corporate Finance
FSEH19001 Honours Preparation (Science)
FSEH19002 Honours Analysis and Completion (Science)
FSEH19004 Research Project A (Science)
FSEH19005 Research Project B (Science)
GEOG11024 Conservation in Australia
GEOG19021 Geographic Information Systems
GEOG19029 Applied Demography
HIST11038 The Modern World Emerges: An Overview
HIST19032 War and Australian Society
HIST19035 Modern South East Asia
HLTH11029 Health Promotion Concepts
HLTH11030 Health Communication
HLTH12028 Health Promotion Strategies
HLTH12031 Community Engaged Learning
HLTH13033 Health Promotion in Practice B
HLTH23001 Health Promotion Project B
HRMT11010 Organisational Behaviour
HRMT11011 Human Resources in Organisations
HRMT19014 Human Resources Planning, Recruitment & Selection
HRMT19016 Contemporary Organisational & H R M Studies
HRMT19020 Managing Organisational Change
HRMT19021 Principles of Employment Relations
HRMT20007 Human Resource Management
HRMT20019 Leading and Managing Change
HRMT20022 HRM in the Global Environment
HRMT20023 Contemporary Studies in Human Resource Management
HUMT20012 Coursework A
HUMT20013 Coursework B
HUMT20014 Coursework C
HUMT20015 Coursework D
HUMT20016 Research Dissertation A
HUMT20017 Research Dissertation B
INDG11006 Foundations of Indigenous Learning
INDG11014 Family History and Australian Identity
INDG19016 Contemporary Indigenous Issues
INDG40007 Indigenous Australians And Politics
JAZZ10016 History of Jazz 2
JAZZ10036 Modern Harmony and Improvisation 2
JOUR12010 Feature Writing
JOUR19024 Public Relations & the Media
LAWS11030 Introductory and Contract Law
LAWS11057 Introduction to Law
LAWS11058 Advanced Criminal Law
LAWS11059 Statutory Interpretation
LAWS11061 Contract A
LAWS11062 Contract B
LAWS11064 Torts B
LAWS12059 Conveyancing
LAWS12061 Administrative Law
LAWS12062 Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAWS12063 Advanced Statutory Interpretation and Drafting
LAWS12064 Legal Advocacy
LAWS12066 Land Law
LAWS13011 Family Law
LAWS13016 Jurisprudence
LAWS13017 Civil Procedure
LAWS19032 Company & Association Law
LAWS19033 Taxation Law and Practice A
LAWS19034 Taxation Law and Practice B
LAWS20023 Australian Taxation Law
LAWS20028 Business Law
LAWS20029 Corporate Law
LAWS20037 Law for Management
LAWS20038 International Business Law
LAWS40047 Introduction To Law In Australia
LITR11043 The Short Story
LITR19056 Shakespeare: The Movie
LNGE40049 Essay Writing for University
LNGE40064 Technical Writing for University
MARN13007 Coastal Marine Resources
MATH11160 Technology Mathematics
MATH11164 Mathematics IB
MATH11219 Engineering Mathematics
MATH11246 Quantitative Methods A
MATH12171 Differential Equations
MATH40228 Intermediate Mathematics for University
MATH40237 Fundamental Mathematics for University
MATH40252 Technical Mathematics for University
MBIO19013 Applications of Microbiology
MDWF20007 Complex Midwifery Practice
MDWF20008 Social and Cultural Issues in Midwifery
MEDI11002 Physics for Health Sciences
MEDI11003 Relational Anatomy
MEDI11004 Professional Practice
MEDI12004 Medical Imaging Clinical Course 1
MEDI12005 Science and Instrumentation 2
MEDI12006 Imaging Procedures 2
MEDI12007 Radiation Dose, Safety and Quality Assurance
MEDI13005 Medical Imaging Clinical Course 3
MEDI14005 Medical Imaging Clinical Practicum
MEDS12004 Sonographic Skills Development 1
MEDS12006 Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology 1
MEDS13005 Paediatric Sonography
MEDS13006 Medical Sonography Clinical Course 3
MEDS20003 Medical Sonography Clinical Practicum 2
MEDS21004 Musculo Skeletal Sonography
MEDS21006 Medical Sonography Research Project
MGMT11109 Introduction to Management
MGMT19103 Logistics Management
MGMT19105 Quality Management
MGMT19114 Strategic Management
MGMT19125 Inventory Management
MGMT19128 Business Integration
MGMT20077 Special Topic In Management
MGMT20085 Operational Analysis and Effectiveness
MGMT20112 Strategy Development and Initiatives
MGMT22166 Project Management
MMST11002 Web Design
MMST13018 Collaborative Multimedia Project Part B
MRKT11029 Marketing Fundamentals
MRKT19031 Consumer Behaviour
MRKT19036 Marketing of Service Products
MRKT19037 International Marketing
MRKT19038 Marketing Research
MRKT19040 Marketing Plans
MRKT20018 Global Marketing
MRKT20019 Marketing Management
MRKT20024 Integrated Marketing Communications
MRKT20025 Market Research
MRKT20026 Service Product Marketing
MUSC10279 History of Western Art Music 2
MUSC11384 Arts in Perspective
MUSC11395 Music Language Studies 2
MUSC11401 Digital Media Software & Systems 2
MUSC11406 Language of Modern Music 2
MUSC11410 Principal Music Studios 2
MUSC12376 History of Film Music 2
MUSC12395 History of Rock and Roll 2
MUSC12404 Digital Media Software & Systems 4
MUSC12412 Principal Music Studios 4
MUSC13407 Composition and Arranging 2
MUSC13412 Principal Music Studios 6
NHLT12001 Evidence Informed Practice
NHLT12002 Inclusive Practice
NHPE20002 Foundations of Health Professional Education
NURS10126 Nursing Project
NURS11146 Professional Nursing Identity
NURS11149 Foundations of Nursing Practice 1
NURS11152 Therapeutic and Professional Communication
NURS11153 Health and Behaviour
NURS11154 Foundations of Nursing Practice 2
NURS11155 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care
NURS12146 Person Centred Approach to Chronic Illness
NURS12150 Recovery Approach in Mental Health
NURS13117 Research in Health Care
NURS13119 Professional Nursing Practice
NURS13120 Nursing Leadership and Management
NURS13126 Critical Care Nursing
NURS13128 Paediatric Nursing
NURS13129 Mental Health and Mental Health Nursing
NURS13132 Maternal and Neonatal Nursing
NURS21152 Evidence Based Practice
NURS21155 Clinical Project 2
NURS21157 Mental Health Nursing Practice
NURS21158 Recovery Approach in Mental Health
NURS21159 Mental Health Project
NURS21163 Mental Health Research Project
NURS21165 Effective Interpersonal Skills in Mental Health
NUTR19001 Nutrition
OCCT11001 Introduction to Activity and Occupation
OCCT12004 Occupational Performance Across the Lifespan 2
OCCT13001 Enabling Work Participation
OCHS11026 Introductory Occupational Health and Safety
OCHS12002 Occupational Health and Safety Practice
OCHS12015 Occupational Health and Safety Law
OCHS13010 Applied Worksite Analysis
OCHS13017 Resilient Organisations
OCHS13019 Prevention Through Design
OCHS13021 Future Paradigms in OHS B
OCHS20031 Law and Management of Occupational Health and Safety
OCHS20032 Risk Management and Safety Technology
OCHS21027 Special Topics in Health
OLTC20001 Designing for Learning
OLTC20003 Nature of Learning and Teaching
ORAL11002 Oral Anatomy and Physiology
ORAL11003 Oral Pathology and Diagnosis
ORAL12004 Orthodontics, Prosthodontics and Pharmacology
ORAL12005 Oral Health Pre Clinical Practice 2
ORAL12006 Oral Health Clinical Practice 2
ORAL13002 Oral Health Clinical Placement 2
PERF11027 Performance and Production Studies 2
PERF11029 Creative & Performing Arts Topic 2
PERF12017 Performance and Production Studies 4
PERF12019 Creative & Performing Arts Project 2
PERF13019 Performance and Production Studies 6
PERF20028 Creative & Performing Arts Project Development
PERF20029 Creative & Performing Arts Project 1
PERF20030 Creative & Performing Arts Project 2
PERF20031 Creative & Performing Arts Project 3
PERF20032 Creative & Performing Arts Project Capstone
PERF20033 Cultural Entrepreneurship
PHYS11185 Engineering Physics B
PHYS40110 Introductory Physics
PMSC11002 Foundations of Paramedic Clinical Practice
PMSC12002 Clinical Paramedic Practice 1
PMSC12003 Special Populations in Paramedic Practice
PMSC13003 Pharmacology in Paramedic Practice
PMSC13004 Clinical Paramedic Practice 3
PMSC13005 Trauma Care in Paramedic Practice
PMSC13006 Environmental Emergencies in Paramedic Practice
PODI12009 Podiatry Clinical Practice 1
PODI12010 Podiatric Biomechanics
PODI13011 Podiatry Clinical Practice 3
PODI13012 Paediatrics in Podiatry Practice
PODI13014 Diabetes in Podiatry Practice
PODI13015 Advanced Pharmacology for Podiatry Practice
PPMP20001 Project Management Principles
PPMP20003 Project Management Systems
PPMP20005 Project Management for Operators of Mines, Plants and Owners of Large Assets
PROP19001 Statutory Valuation
PROP19002 Property & Asset Management
PROP20002 Statutory Real Property Valuation
PROP20003 Specialist Real Property Valuation
PROP29002 Property Valuation and Research Project (B)
PSIO11003 Foundations of Physiotherapy Practice 2
PSIO12002 Neurological and Cardio-Respiratory Physiotherapy 1
PSIO12004 Neurosciences Across the Lifespan
PSIO12005 Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy 2
PSYC11009 Social Foundations of Psychology
PSYC11011 Current Trends in Psychology
PSYC12012 Physiological Psychology
PSYC12014 Social Psychology
PSYC12047 Data Analysis for Psychology
PSYC13015 Advanced Methods in Psychology
PSYC13020 Individual Differences and Assessment
PSYC13021 Forensic Psychology
PSYC13022 Learning
PSYC14048 Advanced Psychological Assessment
PSYC14049 Professional Practice of Cognitive Therapies
PSYC14052 Psychology Research Project B
PSYC20030 Advanced Data Analysis for Psychology
PSYC20031 Advanced Psychological Assessment
PSYC20032 Post Graduate Research Project in Psychology A
PSYC20033 Post Graduate Research Project in Psychology B
PSYC20034 Professional Practice of Cognitive Therapies
PSYC20035 Ethics & Professional Issues in Psychology
PSYC21002 Assessment II
PSYC21004 Therapy II: Theory, Research, Practice
PSYC21006 Psychopathology II
PSYC21007 Clinic Team I
PSYC21008 Clinic Team II
PSYC22002 Health Psychology and Rehabilitation
PSYC22004 Thesis II
PSYC22005 Clinic Team III
PSYC22006 Clinic Team IV
RAIL29005 CPD2 Signalling Principles
RAIL29008 CPD5 Signalling Systems, Management & Engineering
RAIL29012 CPD9 - Railway Signalling Project Implementation 1
RAIL29013 CPD10 - Railway Signalling Project Implementation 2
RAIL29018 OPS5 - Passenger and Freight Operations
RAIL29021 OPS8 - Rail Operations Management Project Implementation
RELG19002 Religious Traditions and Rituals
SAFE20003 Humans and Complex Safety Systems
SAFE20005 Understanding Safety Research
SAFE20008 Safety Science Thesis 1
SAFE20009 Safety Science Thesis 2
SAFE20010 Safety Science Thesis 3
SCIE11024 Science Investigation
SKIL40016 Positive Learning for University
SKIL40025 Preparation Skills for University
SOCL11056 Australian Identity
SOCL11058 Science Technology and Society
SOCL11060 Being Bad
SOCL11062 Social Research Foundations
SOCL19069 Social Research Methods
SOCL19076 Social Sciences Research Topic-Single Semester
SOCL19081 The Body Sexuality and Society
SOWK11015 Professional Communication in Human Services
SOWK11016 Human Services and Statutory Contexts
SOWK12010 Theories of Change for Professional Practice II
SOWK12011 Social Group Work and Family Work
SOWK12014 Ethical Professional Practice
SOWK13011 Community Practice
SOWK13012 Professional Practice and Mental Health
SOWK13013 Professional Practice with Children, Youth and Families
SOWK14004 Reconciliation in the Workplace and Community
SOWK14009 Fieldwork Education 2
SOWK14010 Integrating Theory and Practice 2
SOWK14011 Honours Project: Dissertation
SPCH12003 Functional Anatomy of the Head, Neck and Thorax
SPCH12007 Speech Pathology Skills and Practice 2
SPCH13001 Speech Pathology Skills and Practice 3
SPCH13003 Neurogenic Communication Disorders
SPCH13004 Communication Development and Disorders across the School Years
SPCH13007 Research in Practice 2
STAT11048 Essential Statistics
STAT20028 Statistics for Analytical Decisions
THTR11103 Production 2
THTR11121 Theatre Studies 2
THTR11124 Principal Performance Studios 2
THTR12105 Production 4
THTR12122 Principal Performance Studios 4
THTR13107 Production 6
THTR13123 Principal Performance Studios 6
THTR13125 Theatre Studies 4
THTR13127 Theatre Studies 6
WRIT11025 Creative Nonfiction
WRIT12010 Creative Writing II: Writing Beyond the Page
WRIT13013 Writing Project
ZOOL19002 Australian Vertebrate Biology