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Unit Code Unit Name
ACCT11057 Principles of Accounting
ACCT11059 Using Accounting for Decision Making
ACCT19062 Issues in Financial Reporting
ACCT19066 Accounting Systems and Assurance
ACCT19082 Financial Accounting Theory
ACCT19083 Corporate Governance & Ethics
ACCT19084 Financial Accounting
ACCT20040 Auditing and Ethical Practice
ACCT20051 Accounting Information for Decision Making
ACCT20052 Issues in Financial Accounting
ACCT20053 Issues in Management Accounting
ACCT20070 Accounting in Australia
ACCT20071 Foundations in Accounting
ACCT20075 Auditing and Ethics
ACCT20076 Foundations of Management Accounting
ACCT20077 Accounting for Management Decision Making
AINV13004 Learning From Failure
BIOH11005 Introductory Anatomy and Physiology
BIOH11006 Advanced Anatomy and Physiology
BIOH12008 Human Pathophysiology
BIOL11099 Living Systems
BIOL12050 Professional Placement or Project
BIOL12105 Scientific Analysis and Statistics
BIOL12107 Genomes, Genetics & Evolution
BIOL40108 Introductory Biology
BLAR11039 Building Law & Regulations
BLAR12041 Building Materials 2
BLAR12050 Contract Documentation
BLAR12055 History and Theory of Building Design
BLAR12056 Construction Legislation 2
BLAR13042 Building Sector Management
BLAR13046 Built Environment 2
BLAR13051 Design Documentation
BLAR13052 Spatial Design Theory and Application
BLAR13053 Urban Design and Development
BLAR14018 Building Modelling Systems
BLCN12035 Construction Management
BLCN13034 Construction Economics 2
BLCN13038 Cost Planning and Control
BLCN14039 Infrastructure Planning
BLSV12020 Building Infrastructure Audits
BLSV12023 Fire Safety Design
BLSV13022 Building Services Auditing
BMSC11001 Human Body Systems 1
BMSC11002 Human Body Systems 2
BMSC11005 Foundations of Biochemistry
BMSC13010 Pharmacology
BUSN12001 Professional Experience
BUSN19021 Project
BUSN20017 Effective Business Communications
BUSN20019 Professional Project
CHEM11042 Fundamentals of Chemistry
CHEM40079 Introductory Chemistry
CHIR13010 Systems and Pathology
CHIR20006 Clinical Practice 3
CHIR20007 Diagnostic Imaging 2
CHIR20008 Psychosocial Dimensions of Practice
CHIR20013 Clinical Practice 6
CHIR20014 Advanced Clinical Development 3
COIS11011 Foundations of Business Computing
COIS12073 Enterprise Systems
COIT11222 Programming Fundamentals
COIT11223 Ethics and Social Issues
COIT11226 Systems Analysis
COIT11238 Networked Infrastructure Foundations
COIT11239 Professional Communications Skills for ICT
COIT13238 Industry Work Placement
COIT20245 Introduction to Programming
COIT20246 ICT Services Management
COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis and Design
COIT20249 Professional Skills in Information Communication Technology
COIT20250 E-Business Systems
COIT20251 Knowledge Audits for Business Analysis
COIT20256 Data Structures and Algorithms
COIT20257 Distributed Systems: Principles and Development
COIT20261 Network Routing and Switching
COIT20263 Information Security Management
COIT20266 Systems Security Administration
COIT20268 Responsive Web Design
COIT20270 App Development for Mobile Platforms
COIT20271 Mobile Game Development
COIT20274 Information Systems for Business Professionals
COIT40206 Computing Skills for University
COMM40054 Introduction to Creative Writing
DCHA20004 Problem Solving in Healthy Ageing and Dementia Practice
DEME20002 Practical Considerations of Dementia
ECON11026 Principles of Economics
ECON20023 Economics for Business
ECON20039 Economics for Managers
EDCU11033 Multiliteracies
EDCU20043 Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences
EDEC11027 Early Childhood Pedagogies
EDED11454 Education as a Profession
EDED11458 Indigenous Studies and Learning
EDED12448 Service Learning - Contexts and Communities
EDED20494 Indigenous Learners and Learning
EDED20495 Special Needs
EDED40351 Culture And Learning
EDFE13033 Professional Practice 3 (Secondary) - Engagement with Others
EDFE20036 Professional Praxis 3: Engagement with Others
EDFE40001 Early Childhood Education and Care Practice
EDHE40005 Independent Learning
ENEG11006 Engineering Statics
ENEG13001 Humanitarian Engineering Project
ENMM20025 Maintenance Strategies
ESSC11002 Measurement and Evaluation in Health Science
ESSC11004 Study and Research Skills for Health Science
ESSC13007 Functional Anatomy
EVST19021 Sustainability Issues and Solutions
FINC19011 Business Finance
FINC20006 Organisational Finance
FINC20007 Financial Market Analysis
FINC20008 International Finance
FINC20018 Managerial Finance
FINC20019 Money and Capital Market Analysis
FINC20023 International Financial Management
HAGE20003 Health Development in Today's Society for Tomorrow's Needs
HLTH11027 Foundations of Health
HLTH12031 Community Engaged Learning
HRMT11010 Organisational Behaviour
HRMT11011 Human Resources in Organisations
HRMT20007 Human Resource Management
HRMT20024 Managing Human Resources
INDG40015 Indigenous Australians and Education
INDG40016 Indigenous Australians and Health
INDG40017 Indigenous Australians: Business and Economy
INDG40018 Indigenous Australians: The Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
LAWS11030 Introductory and Contract Law
LAWS11057 Introduction to Law
LAWS11059 Statutory Interpretation
LAWS11061 Contract A
LAWS11062 Contract B
LAWS12061 Administrative Law
LAWS12070 Public International and Human Rights Law
LAWS13009 Corporations Law
LAWS13010 Evidence and Proof
LAWS13014 Revenue Law
LAWS13016 Jurisprudence
LAWS13018 Competition and Consumer Law
LAWS20028 Business Law
LAWS20029 Corporate Law
LAWS20058 Australian Commercial Law
LAWS20059 Corporations and Business Structures
LAWS40047 Introduction To Law In Australia
LNGE40049 Essay Writing for University
LNGE40064 Technical Writing for University
MATH11219 Applied Calculus
MATH40228 Intermediate Mathematics for University
MATH40237 Fundamental Mathematics for University
MATH40252 Technical Mathematics for University
MEDI11004 Professional Practice
MEDS12007 Medical Sonography Clinical Course 1
MEDS13008 Vascular Sonography
MEDS21006 Medical Science Research Project 2
MGMT11109 Introduction to Management
MGMT13151 Entrepreneurship, Innovation and New Ventures
MGMT19126 Production and Operations Management
MGMT20077 Special Topic In Management
MGMT20112 Strategy Development and Initiatives
MGMT20124 People, Work and Organisations
MGMT20125 Leadership and Governance
MGMT20128 Innovation and Business Development
MGMT20129 People and Organisations
MGMT20131 Organisational Governance and Leadership
MGMT20133 Strategic Business Management
MGMT20144 Management and Business Context
MGMT20145 Business and Management in the Asian Context
MPAT12001 Medical Pathophysiology
MRKT11029 Marketing Fundamentals
MRKT19037 International Marketing
MRKT20018 Global Marketing
MRKT20019 Marketing Management
MRKT20052 Marketing for Managers
MRKT20057 Global Business Marketing
NURS11161 Clinical Nursing Practice 1
NURS11162 Inclusive Practice for Nursing
NURS11163 Recovery Approach to Mental Health
NURS12157 Concepts of Mental Health Nursing
NURS13117 Research in Health Care
NURS13137 Outward Bound Nursing Studies
NURS20154 The Transformative Power of Stories in Mental Health Nursing Practice
NURS20158 Clinical Foundations for Practice 2
OCHS11025 Health and Safety Risk Management
OCHS12018 Safety Science
OCHS13018 Safety Systems
OCHS13019 Prevention Through Design
OLTC20002 Assessment for Learning
OLTC20003 Nature of Learning and Teaching
OLTC20004 Scholarship of Learning and Teaching Research
PERM20003 Permaculture and Regenerative Agricultural Systems
PERM20004 Permaculture Design in Practice
PHYS40110 Introductory Physics
PMSC13003 Pharmacology in Paramedic Practice
PPMP20007 Project Management Concepts
PPMP20008 Initiating and Planning Projects
PPMP20009 Project Management Methodologies
PPMP20010 Executing and Closing Projects
PPMP20011 Commercial Project Negotiation
PPMP20014 Complex Project Management
PSYC11008 Biological Foundations of Psychology
PSYC11009 Social Foundations of Psychology
PSYC11012 Foundations of Psychological Research
PSYC12010 Introduction to Human Development
PSYC12013 Personality
PSYC12014 Critical, Cultural and Social Psychology
PSYC12048 Research Methods
PSYC13016 Cognitive Psychology
PSYC13017 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC13021 Forensic Psychology
PSYC13022 Learning & Behaviour Modification
PSYC14048 Advanced Psychological Assessment
PSYC14049 Professional Practice of Cognitive Therapies
PSYC14052 Psychology Research Project B
RSCH20001 Fundamentals of Research
SCIE11018 Introduction to Forensic Science
SCIE40018 Foundation Science
SKIL40016 Positive Learning for University
SKIL40025 Preparation Skills for University
SOCL11055 Sociology of Australian Society
STAT20028 Statistics for Analytical Decisions
STAT20029 Statistics for Managerial Decisions
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